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Dark Light Daybreak

Author: Patricia Valery
11/01/2006 | | | Album Review
Band/album: Now It's Overhead: Dark Light Daybreak

For fans of: Azure Ray (whose members are also in Now It's Overhead), just don't compare these guys to Spiritualized, or the Flaming Lips.

Label: Saddle Creek

First impression: This sounds a good 2,000 miles away from the usual Saddle Creek, Omaha sound.

What I really liked: Not just Andy LeMaster's ability to restore my faith in this band's label but even more so is how great this band has evolved with time. Let the Sirens Rest is highly messianic yet sustained, therefore it exemplifies this band's overall sound.

Vocals sound like: Lead singer, Andy LeMaster, embraces each song with precise grandeur without overly distending.

Instrumentation sounds like: Intricate overhangs of aggressive guitars that are a step above your usual space/indie rock counterparts.

Last impression: My last impression is that this is more than just another space/indie rock album to collect dust in my cd bin.

Rating: This band definitely delivers for fans of this particular genre.


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