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Dark Light Daybreak

Author: Alex Cook
10/18/2006 | | | Live Show Preview
Saddle Creek upstarts Now It's Overhead is a favorite of both Bright Eyes' Conor Oberst and REM's Michael Stipe, but don't let that stop you. The quartet featuring Andy LeMaster, Orenda Fink, Maria Taylor and Clay Leverett hone the collective modern Americana-shoe gazer rock (The Myrtles said that it was referred to as "boot gazer" when applied to them) on this tour in support of their latest "Dark Light Daybreak."

The Athens, Ga. collective headed by studio whiz kid Andy LeMaster is comprised of folks like Saddle Creek label mates Maria Taylor and Orenda Fink and former Sugar and Drive-By Truckers bassist David Barbe in the studio, but was three fourths of New Maximum Donkey in this format. LeMaster is one of those producers who knows how to make the sound serve the song best, and that comes off in his subtly complex arrangements with the band. Little sharp stops and echoed lines and other almost subliminal touches pushed his usual tales of small town life and old girlfriends into glorious territory.


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