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Fall Back Open

Author: Andy Scheffler
06/01/2005 | | | Album Review
Now It's Overhead. Honestly, this album is a bit creepy. The tone of the songs is very dim, back-alley, nighttime, mysterious, unknown. It's a bit slinky too. Everything is drawn through a milky-sweet shade of liquor and club smoke and red lights and lustful eyes. People seem to be dancing in bliss, barely aware of their physical bodies. The electronics that throb into place on "Profile" are sizzling. This is a smokin' hot album. It's completely dangerous and carnal. The vocals are real and breathy, energized with a desire and a drive that's absolutely tangible. "Fall Back Open" is much more of a pretty, loving sounding song. Open country afternoons. Covered bridges, wheeling birds, a light breeze. More amazing imagery created by these words. I'm being made to feel so much, even without taking in the story of the lyrics. It's glorious. Back into the creepy tunes to take us to the end, though the last song, "A Little Consolation," is a bit lighter... spooky, predatory. No anger here, just.... lust. Lust.

Oh right, and Michael Stipe makes a guest appearance on "Antidote." Excuse me while I fall off my chair.

(As usual, the whole Saddle Creek family is in on this one as well it seems... and need I point out, Now It's Overhead is fronted by Andy LeMaster? And I happen to be MasterAndy? Cool huh?)

Song of choice : I think I like "Antidote" best and I swear it has nothing to do with Stipe. I mean, that's cool and all... but it's a great tune on its own.
Fall Back Open

Fall Back Open

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