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You May Already Be Dreaming

Author: Falling James
1/6/11 | LA Weekly | | Live Show Preview
Whispertown 2000 singer Morgan Nagler has downsized in the past year, performing solo under the shorter name Whispertown, but her easygoing pop-country tunes are just as beguiling in a stripped-down format. Songs like "Old Times" evoke old times without sounding corny or artificially hokey, perhaps because Nagler's melodies are so jauntily inviting and unselfconsciously warm and personal. Heather Porcaro & the Heartstring Symphony conjure a relatively sleeker and more modern pop-rock sound, but there are moments of dreaminess in strange idylls like "Just a Ghost." Meanwhile, Neva Dinova front man Jake Bellows headlines with a solo set of hazy, dazed alt-folk ballads like "Spring Cleaning" and "Will the Ladies Send You Flowers," which split the difference between Neil Young moodiness and Gram Parsons rustication. First, though, Dan Crane (Nous Non Plus, Bjorn Turoque) debuts his new project, the Quick Hellos, which reportedly involves blood and ukuleles.