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You May Already Be Dreaming

Author: Haleh Risdana
05/23/2008 | Laguna Beach Independent | | Album Review
In a slow, drawn out sway Neva Dinova translates music that makes my step a bit slower and turns my mood into a state of melancholic bliss.

Their latest album, "You May Already Be Dreaming," unties bittersweet melodies in a rock-twang-sway. Sometimes I'm reminded of Johnny Cash, and others of Mazzy Star and Chris Isaak. Accompanied by poetic lyrics, this band hailing from Omaha, Nebraska, is no less then a staple for this coming summer's play list.

These lyrics from the song "Will the Ladies Send You Flowers" - "Will the ladies send you flowers when you die / after God takes backs his powers/ I've been dying for year and ten days/ trying to drown myself in tears" - are the words that introduce a rather Hawaiian twang that I can't seem to get enough of. And the lyrics juxtaposed within the body of the music are quirky and contagious - "now I'm looking over/ the pettiest thing I've ever felt/ it's a full glass of whisky/ and something's just caught my eye."

"Clouds" is something different, on the other hand. Its rock interlude of linguistic maneuvers creates a welcoming state of angst within a body of melancholy.

"Tryptophan" invites in an internal evolution of dreamscape surrealism, and he following song, "Squirrels," picks up the beat again, as lead vocalist and songwriter Jake Bellows leads us into another great song, one right after the other. My favorite keeps changing, but at this moment it's "Someone's Trippin."

With a twang less obvious in some songs and more in others, the band's style and music are hard to classify, yet discernible. "You Already May Be Dreaming" is their third full-length album, and is on the top of my list of must-listen-and-besurprised by-what-you-didn't-know albums this year. The Sound Spectrum has a play copy available for your listening pleasure in their ISIS station this month.

Neva Dinova will be playing at Spaceland in LA on May 29.