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You May Already Be Dreaming

Author: Chip Midnight
05/01/2008 | Wonka Vision | | Album Review
Though Jake Bellows has been tight with Bright Eyes for years, lived in the same hometown, and even toured and recorded with the indie rock superstars in 2006 and 2007, it took three releases for Neva Dinova to land on Saddle Creek Records. But what a welcome home it is, as Neva Dinova creates lush soundscapes that fit comfortably into the label that Conor Oberst has built. Bellows, no doubt, is a fan of Leonard Cohen's, and while his voice may not quite register in the baritone range of Cohen's, he shares a taste in gothic country and folk music with the legend, as evidenced on the western swing of "Will The Ladies Send You Flowers" and the backroom soul of "Funeral Home". Sprinkled throughout the languid balladry are some noisy yet restrained electric guitar-driven numbers. "Clouds" and "Apocalypse" are just begging for a special guest appearance by Wilco's noisemaker Nels Cline, though Bellows and Mike Kratky do their best to channel arguable Wilco's most valuable player. And tracks like "She's A Ghost" and "Someone's Trippin'" venture into Grandaddy territory.