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You May Already Be Dreaming

Author: Falling James
05/23/2008 | LA Weekly | | Feature
The name Neva Dinova sounds like an exotic Eastern European chanteuse, but it's actually a quintet of guys from Omaha who are named after singer-guitarist Jake Bellows' grandmother. Their occasionally freaky music is very much rooted in Americana on You May Already Be Dreaming, their third full-length CD and first on hometown label Saddle Creek. The deceptively named Bellows croons in a tunefully downbeat way on such pokily morbid country-rock ballads as "Will the Ladies Send You Flowers," "Funeral Home," and the lovely "She's a Ghost," which floats away with a faintly glowing limestone shimmer. "It's so hard to love your body from the ground," he declares on "Love From Below." "I'm walking through traffic like I'm a prophet." But Bellows (who has also recorded with Conor Oberst) and bassist Heath Koontz are at their best when they remember they have amps and plug into them to power through Crazy Horse rambles like "Someone's Trippin'" and "Clouds" and the driving, straight-up power pop of "What You Want" and "It's Hard to Love You," as well as weirder stuff like the whimsically muffled underwater section of "Squirrels" and the Flaming Lips/Roger Waters haze of "Apocalypse."