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You May Already Be Dreaming

Author: Melanie Losover
05/02/2008 | | | Album Review
The title You May Already Be Dreaming makes a bold statement that maybe you don't need to be asleep to have your head in the clouds. However, if you weren't dreaming before you started listening to this album, you certainly will be afterwards. Neva Dinova, headed by singer Jake Bellows, embarks on their junior album with lovesick hearts and a desire to create genuine, simple music.

Dreaming begins with the track "Love from Below," a simple song about the difficulties the singer encounters with loving another person. The majority of the album follows suit, consisting of mellow, lonely songs about lost love. As Bellows sings in the song "Squirrels," "I keep writing the same songs".

The music itself consists of simple and repetitive guitar and drum patterns, adding to the uniformity of most of the songs on "Dreaming." Bellows also incorporates blues and country tones into his voice, adding to the high emotion in the songs.

The band provides a needed break towards the middle of the album with "Supercomputer," an up-beat track about a man who tries to improve his life by using technology but fails. The tail-end of the album continues to become a little more fast-paced and catchy with the song "What You Want", which introduces more head-bopping guitar riffs and fast drum beats.

The album ends with two beautiful and unique songs that complete the album. "Apocalypse" begins as a smooth and heartfelt song but turns at the half-way mark into an instrumental masterpiece, comprised of a fast-paced harmony of guitars highlighted by the splash of a cymbal in the background. At this moment I could not help but stop and soak in the greatness that was the last two minutes of that song. The last song is the dreamy and rightfully named "A Man and His Dream." With its light guitar melodies, sweet lyrics and trumpet solo at the end, "A Man and His Dream" gives a nice ending to an album that encompasses a variety of styles and emotions.