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You May Already Be Dreaming

Author: Asher Ellis
04/01/2008 | Verbicide | | Album Review
If you'r a fan of the "Omaha sound," then Christmas has come very early this year. Omaha's own Neva Dinova has teamed up with the Nebraskan city's most prominent label, Saddle Creek, to give us You May Already Be Dreaming, an appropriately titled album considering such a perfect marriage of band and label. Although consistently melancholic throughout each track, it would be a great mistake to categorize this record as only such. Neva Dinova has done a masterful job of pacing their momentum, guiding a tour of several musical styles from start to finish. You'll hear the twangy guitar of Americana in "Will The Ladies Send You Flowers," immediately followed by the post-grunge feel of "Clouds." Listeners can choose to either rock out with tracks like "What You Want," or chill out to dreamy, mood music like "Apocalypse." So even if other Omaha-based bands such as Bright Eyes or Cursive don't do it for you (as they never have for me), don't write off Neva Dinova before giving You May Already Be Dreaming a listen. As long as you dig poetic lyrics and solid melodies, chances are they will not disappoint.