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Maria Taylor "Something About Knowing"

Author: Loring Wirbel
11/13/2013 | Colorado Springs Independent | | Album Review
Maria Taylor
Something About Knowing
Saddle Creek Records

File next to: Beth Orton, Azure Ray

Maria Taylor has released five solo albums, but they struggle to reach the impact she's had as one half of the duo Azure Ray. Although Taylor's delicate and aching voice is usually put to the service of melancholy, she's had a baby and married Ryan Dwyer since her 2011 album, Overlook. It's often tougher to develop interesting lyrics to promote connubial bliss, but Taylor rises to the challenge with perhaps her wisest and most riff-infested album to date. She has a habit of producing short and sweet full-length albums, and Something About Knowing is actually on the longer side at 36 minutes. But the brevity is countered by the careful attention paid to songs like "Up All Night" and "Broken Objects." Taylor is one of the South's finest female vocalists, and it's about time her native Birmingham (and the rest of the world) takes notice.