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Maria Taylor Preview

02/11/2014 | Chicago Innerview | | Album Review
Maria Taylor is like a granny smith apple: crisp, refreshing, sweet, and simple. A longtime member of the Conor Oberst-led Saddle Creek record label, Taylor has been turning out her signature floaty-voiced, lyrically-focused songs since 2001. First as part of Azure Ray and then branching out to a solo project in 2005 with 11:11, Taylor’s voice is distinctive despite its classic indie-rocker-chick matter-of-factness. Her newest album, Something About Knowing, debuted in October, making her upcoming Chicago gig a prime opportunity to hear her new material. But don’t worry if you’re a purist to her back catalogue. Taylor’s song style has remained steady throughout the years, so you’re in for a reliable treat without any sneaky new surprises. Like an apple.