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Concert review/photos: Maria Taylor @ Boot & Saddle

Author: Chris Sikich
02/09/2014 | Philadelphia Citypaper | | Live Show Review
Maria Taylor is a musician of many stripes: a dash of country here, some folk and rock seasoning there, an overarching pop sensibility throughout. On Wednesday, she regaled Boot & Saddle with her aural concoctions.

Taylor and her band, which features her brother Macey on bass, opened up with two songs featuring her on drums in the back of the stage. Seemingly unconventional, Taylor wanted to focus everyone’s attention not just on her but on the sound of her whole band.

And for their 50-plus-minute set they were a tight unit, focusing energies on her whole catalog. Highlights included a sing-along to “Bad Idea?,” the catchy refrain of “Song Beneath the Song,” and the poignant two-pack of “Idle Mind” and “Up All Night,” showing how quickly perspective changes from unwed life to parenthood.

Opening the show were workmanlike PJ Bond and the spare acoustic duo Des Ark.