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Maria Taylor tour lands her at the Soda Bar

Author: Lauren Wilson
01/22/2014 | San Diego Music Examiner | | Live Show Review
From all the way in Birmingham, Alabama, singer/songwriter Maria Taylor started making a name for herself at the age of 15 when formed Azure Ray with Orenda Fink. Nowadays, you can find her touring through the states and collaborating with such artists as Bright Eyes, R.E.M. and Moby.

Appearing at the San Diego Soda Bar on January 18th, Maria Taylor, along with her band, whose names, unfortunately, are still a mystery to me, played through an array of songs that showcase their creativity as well as their musicality.

Starting the set heavy, Maria sat in the background, sitting and singing at the second drum set. Impressively, keeping in time with (drummer), Maria provides a hauntingly beautiful yet innocent voice comfortable in filling the space. As the set carried through, the drummer came forward to play through Something Without Knowing, the title track of Maria’s most recent album which came out last year on Saddle Creek Records.

Coming forward and finishing the set behind the guitar or the keyboard, Maria displays the range of her songs, from fun and quirky pop songs to country folk, and Beatles Revolution-esque to ethereal ballads I could fall asleep to. Her band, each incredibly talented on their own, offer their expertise to encapsulate the emotion and story behind Maria's songs, with precision and range in their parts.

Maria Taylor offers a pleasant show for anyone looking to relax for the night, kick up their feet, and enjoy good quality music.