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Lynn Teeter Flower

Author: Chris Brower
05/09/2007 | University Daily Kansan | | Album Review
Maria Taylor is no stranger to the indie/pop world. She first made a name for herself with the ambient-pop duo Azure Ray. Alongside her musical partner Orenda Fink, she released three albums that were met with acclaim at the soft-spoken vocals and soothing music, free from the harsh sounds of typical indie rock, but different than the bubble gum pop ruling the airwaves.
Now on her second solo release, Lynn Teeter Flower sees her continuing her affectionate pop music backed by several new sounds and influences. It showcases some of Taylor's most diverse and interesting work to date and does just what a second album should do, show growth.
The album dabbles in a little bit of everything from the synthesizer and drum-driven "A Good Start" to "Irish Goodbye" where Taylor tries a breezy acoustic-pop tune backed with a hip-hop style drumbeat. On "Replay" Taylor dabbles in a jazzy feel with its offbeat drum accents and a light swing feel. "No Stars" shows the usually relaxed Taylor showcasing her agitated side with the lyrics, "And there was nothing in my clenching fist, and I just can't wait…"
But perhaps the best song on the album is the intimate folk of "Clean Getaway" where Taylor's usually quiet voice rises to an emotional high note that makes it one of the most beautiful songs Taylor has penned.
With Lynn Teeter Flower, Taylor shows new sides to her talent and like a young flower, proves her talent is still growing.

4 out of 5.
Lynn Teeter Flower

Lynn Teeter Flower

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