Lynn Teeter Flower

03/01/2007 | | | Album Review
We have been big fans of Maria Taylor ever since we heard the first release from Azure Ray several years ago. Azure Ray may be gone...but Taylor continues writing, recording, and releasing albums featuring her soft, personal, pensive pop. The tracks on Lynn Teeter Flower were recorded and mixed in a variety of studios in a variety of different cities which may explain the varying array of approaches and styles on the album. The lead track ("A Good Start") had us worried. Although we can understand Maria's desire to tread into the more accessible world of music, this song seems to be the first hint at possibly selling out. There are a couple of other tracks that also suffer because they sound too consciously accessible ("No Stars," "Irish Goodbye"). Fortunately, the remainder of the album still retains the soft and sincere music we are accustomed to hearing from Maria. Our favorites this time around are "Clean Getaway," "No Stars," and "Small Part of Me." While Teeter Flower is a very good album...we have to admit that this is the first time we have been slightly disappointed by Taylor. She hasn't totally caved in for cash yet...but if she continues on this path, the artistic merit of her work may slowly diminish. This is a very good album...but let's just hope the next album is a return to form. (Rating: 4+++)