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Author: Ray Harkins
04/14/2006 | | | Album Review
Let's be straight, I don't like Azure Ray. Plain and simple, many times
this band has tried to infiltrate my cd collection (and has even
succeeded as well) but with little fanfare. When word trickled out that
one of the vocalists for the hyped up (but then again, who isn't hyped
up these days) Saddle Creek band, I turned the other cheek.

While on tour, one of my fellow band members revealed to me this
beautiful track that really haunted my brain even after it was through.
Low and behold it was Maria Taylor's solo release that I had written
off a few months earlier. Don't you love it when you are wrong

Far and away the first track "Leap Year" will hook you for days on end
the way that Frou Frou's song in the Garden State soundtrack ("Let Go"
for those keeping score) embroidered it's vocal melody in your head for
weeks on end until you got the intelligence to get the soundtrack.
Maria Taylor is able to successfully create many different moods on her
record (with the help of her sister and many talented musicians in the
Omaha area) that just come across magnificently within this record.
Sometimes solo records can seem a little trite or self-gratifying but
this time through it impresses the hell out of me, and it should do the
same to you.

7/10 RIYL: Cardigans, L'Altra and Frou Frou


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