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Fun and Laughter

Author: Adam Bunch
11/25/2009 | | | Album Review
SOUNDS LIKE: Land of Talk alright.

The Fun And Laughter EP doesn't exactly represent a new direction for Land Of Talk. Of course, that's to be expected from an album created to accompany a tour (only available at shows, online and from independent retailers). And it's not such a bad thing either; not when it's coming from one of Montreal's best bands.

All four tracks could easily slide into one of the trio's previous full-lengths without being noticed-they're not the kind of throwaway filler you might expect, but they wouldn't make great singles either. As a result, someone just getting into the band is probably better off starting some place else. But for a die-hard fan, the four tunes-and the three videos that accompany them-will do exactly what they're supposed to: tide you over until the next full-length record.


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