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Some Are Lakes

Author: Nathan Dinsdale
11/03/2009 | San Diego City Beat | | Album Review
For all practical purposes, Land of Talk is Elizabeth Powell. There's a revolving supporting cast, sure, but the singer / guitarist is primarily why anyone gives a damn about this Montreal trio. It is, after all, her voice—at times smoothly shorn like Sarah McLachlan but with the serrated edges of Chan Marshall or even a relatively sober Courtney Love (minus the pack-a-day huskiness)—that carries the day. She also shares other aesthetic qualities with both Marshall (aka Cat Power) and Justin Vernon (aka Bon Iver—and the producer of LoT's full-length debut, Some Are Lakes) but with less crazy (Marshall) and neo-folk introspection (Vernon).

There's a restrained post-Riot Grrrl tinge to songs like "Sixteen Asterisk" and "A Series of Small Flames," while the ethereal intro to "May You Never" resembles something off Calico Horse's Mirror, except this pony can buck with dingy, driven indie rock long after the languid atmospherics have faded.

Fun and Laughter—a hybrid release of four new songs coupled with three music videos culled from Some Are Lakes tracks—is ultimately just an appetizer, not the all-you-can-eat Land of Talk buffet. It's filling, for now, but leaves slight hunger pangs that will linger until the main course arrives.
Some Are Lakes

Some Are Lakes

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