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Fun and Laughter

Author: Tom Haugen
10/13/2009 | | | Album Review
A limited edition EP with 4 new songs and 3 videos (songs from their LP), Montreal's Land Of Talk deliver yet again after a very well received full length ('Some Are Lakes'). Switching gears a bit, this disc moves away from their previous experimental songs and focuses more on intricate guitar work and vocal rhythms.

With layered sounds, crashing drums and piano intros, Land of Talk expands on the sound that made 'Some Are Lakes' on of the years best. Adding a quicker pace and a lot of emphasis on front woman Elizabeth Powell's powerful voice, layering it with plenty of reverb, sometimes bringing to mind Broken Social Scene (who Powell is a part of now).

Somewhere between orchestral pop and jangly, indie rock, Powell's sweet, and sugary voice really separates this from the legions of other indie bands in existence. Sometimes haunting, other times spacey, and with some folk nods, this is a brief but compelling listen- as good if not better than their LP.

Though Powell has been on DL for awhile now due to some vocal surgery, Land of Talk are gearing up for a tour to coincide with the release of 'Fun And Laughter'.