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Fun and Laughter

Author: Greg Edwards
09/28/2009 | | | Album Review
Just out is the Land of Talk EP (Saddle Creek), titled "Fun and Laughter". Lead singer-guitarist Elizabeth Powell returns after a vocal ailment put her on the sidelines for a greater part of the year. The good news is that she sounds as fine as ever. "Fun and Laughter" gives you around 20 minutes of new songs plus three music videos. My video software has a temporary glitch so I was not able to watch the footage. The music however, I am happy to say, I've been listening to and it is in a very good place. Like their full-length CD "Some Are Lakes," which hit the streets about a year ago (see my September 16th review), Land of Talk come through with excellent music in the Alt-Indie mode. The band is adept at creating mini-walls of guitar sound (dry walls, not "I am in a cave" sounds), punchy bass, throbbing drums and Elizabeth's great vocal approach. There are four really nice songs, lyrical but tough.

They are about to tour the west coast of the US. After that I hope they'll go back into the studio for some more music! Why? There's a certain indefinable something about Land of Talk and I think they are on the edge of a cosmic breakthrough, an artistic unflowering. That's just my intuition. As it is this EP gives you a tantalizing glimpse into their world. This is good music, perhaps flirting with the monumentally good. They have quickly become one of my favorite bands. "Fun and Laughter" gives you a good taste of why.


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