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Some Are Lakes

Author: Jason Giammaria
11/12/2008 | | | Album Review
WHY/WHY NOT: If you're into music that sounds effortless, yet complex, then you will love Land of Talk's first full-length Some Are Lakes. Incorporating guitar that is neither riff-shredding nor thrown in for shits and giggles, this is the type of indie rock that will make you want to learn how to play music or get way better if you already do.

Elizabeth Powell's nonchalant voice breathes life into each and every song on the record. The guitar and voice seem entirely natural and move with each other throughout the album. Standout tracks like "Some Are Lakes", "Give Me Back My Heart Attack", and "It's Okay" will crawl into your heart and eat at you.

It will leave you hoping this is the first of many albums to come from Land of Talk.
Some Are Lakes

Some Are Lakes

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