Ladyfinger (ne): Errant Forms

Author: Jake Scott
03/26/2013 | innocent words | | Album Review
The great thing about Ladyfinger (ne)’s newest album, Errant Forms, is its unpredictability. Taking influences from all generations of rock and punk, Ladyfinger (ne) has developed a very unique sound that distinguishes them from any rock act on the scene right now.

The most noteworthy song the album is “Dark Horses.” It’s a beautiful tale of growing up and dealing with real life problems. Maturing is an inevitable part of each and every human being on earth. It’s a hard thing for anyone to face. But the ultimate kick in the ass is delivered to the main character of the song when he realizes he will be a father.

Chris Machmuller’s (lead singer) vocals have a deep gritty sound that one can either headbang or “mellow out” to &emdash; and sometimes both at the same time.

Errant Forms encompasses the sporadic side of rock and roll. With each new song, there is a deeper meaning and an even more twisted melody. Errant Forms would be the perfect soundtrack for a horror movie solely because it takes every fork in the road without hesitation, daring to test the boundaries of the band’s sound and absolutely nailing each and every note they set out to hit.

Ladyfinger (ne) is not new a new band by any means, and Errant Forms was the perfect album to release after a few minor releases and lineup changes. Ladyfinger (ne)’s variety of sound is what makes them stand out from all of the generic acts touring today, and it’s this same variety that will help them build a name for themselves.