Author: Anna Paige
03/04/2009 | | | Live Show Preview
Billings-based indie rock band 1090 Club headlines a concert at the Railyard on Friday in a powerful lineup that includes Omaha's Ladyfinger (ne) and Little Brazil.

Headliners 1090 Club are ramping up for the release of "Natural Selection," the band's sophomore release on SideCho Records, slated for release March 24.

Ladyfinger (ne) is touring to promote its newest full-length release, "Dusk," a rock-fueled binge into all that was great in hard rock music in the early 1970s, paired with a contemporary sharpness influenced by late 70s and early 80s hardcore and chaotic punk rock.

In spite of the cold reception the band's 2006 debut on Saddle Creek Records "Heavy Hands" received, "Dusk" is a more thought-out, polished record with less grungy garage-rock and more skillful qualities.

Touring partners Ladyfinger (ne) and Little Brazil hail from Omaha, one of the hottest spots for indie music in the country.


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