Author: Brian Krasman
02/05/2009 | Mckeesport Daily News | | Album Review
I doubt you'd find many opportunities to mash '70s guitar rock fans and early '90s hardcore lovers into a room and hope they come out without gashes and bruises. Ladyfinger (ne) could change that.

Often sounding like the Foo Fighters' earlier, more inspired moments, along with threads of Quicksand, Fugazi, and whatever WDVE offers up on the daily loop, "Dusk" is a strong sophomore record that's far heavier and aggressive than what one may come to expect from the always reliable Saddle Creek label. Chris Machmuller's vocals grab you by the shirt collar (assuming you're wearing one) and address you directly, as he pours himself into his words, often coming on the verge of screaming.

"Over and Over" kicks off with '70s swagger and shoegaze noise, as Machmuler assumes, "I guess that the worst isn't over." "A.D.D." crunches your hands under its might, as does "Read the Wil," punchy "Born in the 80s," and thorny and sarcastic "Work Party," which pokes over-indulgers in the gut. They show different sides on dust kicker "Little Things," mid­tempo "Plans," and "Bones," which feels like Queens of the Stone Age coming down from a day-long high.


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