Heavy Hands

Author: Paul Maldonado, Jr.
08/11/2006 | Albuquerque Tribune | | Album Review
Due to legal hassles, this Omaha quartet added the postal abbreviation of its home state (Nebraska) to its moniker. However, nothing was lost in its relentless pursuit of post-punk rock 'n' roll (the pounding and driving "Sea Legs" and "Smuggler" with its heavy backbeat and post-punk guitar).

This intense propulsive guitar rock exudes an intimate urgency, while the vocals seem on the verge of a scream most of the time (the declaration of faith "Who Believes Enough?" and the tempo-shifting "Cause of Shame"). In fact, the quavering vocals sound like some heavy-metal rocker from the '80s, such as Rob Halford of Judas Priest ("Cause of Shame") or Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson ("One Thousand Tongues" and the precision rock of "Don't Lose Your Shadow").

The band exhibits sublime potential when it goes a different route, as on "Colored Lights," with its subdued vocals, or "Diet Smoke," a vocal call and response with the lead guitar.
Heavy Hands

Heavy Hands

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