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Music is back: For Jake Bellows, it’s a welcome adventure

Author: Adrian Gomez
04/25/2014 | Albuquerque Journal News--Venue | | Feature
When it comes to writing, Jake Bellows’ thought process is always fragmented.

Knowing that’s going to happen, Bellows takes a different route with music.

“I have a recording area set up in the shack where I live,” he says during a recent phone interview. “I usually just go in there and tinker with things a bit and music starts to come alive.”

Bellows fronted the band Neva Dinova for more than 15 years before he moved from Omaha, Neb., to Los Angeles. When he got there, he was certain music was in his past.

Jake Bellows
With Perculator John
WHEN: 6 p.m. Monday, April 28
WHERE: Duel Brewing, 1228 Parkway Drive, Unit D, Santa Fe
Not so much.

“I had these demos already done by myself,” he says. “It all seemed to work out.”

The result of his effort is “New Ocean,” and Bellows couldn’t be happier.

“The album is a new beginning for me,” he says. “It’s something I knew was inside of me and I needed to get out.”

While Bellows is excited about the music from “New Ocean” and taking it on tour, he’s also intrigued about what a new project might bring.

Bellows has been working with two sisters in Los Angeles on some tracks and the possibility of starting a trio.

“I’ve known these girls since they were born,” he says. “They are friends of mine and just have amazing voices. I have to stop myself sometimes because I am thinking where this can go and we’re not even a band yet. I’ve put the invitation out to them.”

Bellows says it’s refreshing to have new things to be excited about when it comes to music.

“For so long, it seemed like music was going away,” he says. “Then I started reading more books and began to get introspective with myself. This has helped me make the changes I needed to in my life. It’s amazing to see how fast it all has changed for me. Now I want to get out on the road and meet people and hear their stories.”


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