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Music: Icky Blossoms

Author: Jonathan Zeller
07/03/2013 | Paper Magazine | | Feature
Nik Fackler, Sarah Bohling and Derek Pressnall formed Icky Blossoms in 2011 with a simple mission. "We wanted to create music that moves people," explains Fackler, the band's lead guitarist and vocalist. "Music that stops them from standing still and gets people to move forward."

By that measure, the Omaha band's Brooklyn debut in May at the Music Hall of Williamsburg was a rousing success: a euphoric dance party fueled by gut-shaking bass, manic drumming over electronic beats and an assault of colorful flashing lights.

Since Icky Blossoms are Omahans who play dark, synthy dance music, an obvious comparison is the Faint. That their touring drummer is the Faint's own Clark Baechle reinforces the notion. But the Blossoms claim diverse influences. "We like punk rock," says vocalist-guitarist Pressnall, who sums up their sound as "like putting a soul in a robot."

The band's name is "a spectrum thing... something beautiful and something kind of icky," explains Pressnall. Another contradiction plays out in the track "Stark Weather," loosely based on the murderer Charles Starkweather. Fackler says the song explores "the sort of darkness that comes with love, and the beauty," as Pressnall and Bohling's haunting voices proclaim: "I would kill that man down at the gas station for you."

On a lighter note, their single "Babes" was born when Bohling realized she could spell words with chords. "I wanted to write a song with the chords B, A, B, E," she says. Neat idea. Unfortunately, the progression sounded "too surfy," and had to change. Asked the actual chords for the song about "killer babes," Pressnall jokes, "D, A, D. It's about daddy issues."

Laughs aside, Icky Blossoms believe that what happens on the dance floor can change the world. "If we can continue to play music and get giant rooms of people -- or small rooms of people--moving and dancing together," says Fackler, "that's just as healing as anything else."
Music: Icky Blossoms

Music: Icky Blossoms

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