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Icky Blossoms

Author: Hilary Hughes
07/12/2012 | Dig Boston | | Album Review
I knew that Omaha was a bit of musical hot bed courtesy of Saddle Creek Records and its consistently superlative roster, and with their latest signee, Icky Blossoms, I'm happy to see that the standard remains as golden as the cornstalks sprouting up around them out there.

Right at home with label-mates Land of Talk and Bright Eyes (who, incidentally, sound nothing like each other), Icky Blossoms bring about a self-assured, slightly aloof self-titled debut that incorporates a slew of multi-genred influences and a basic understanding for what makes a song tick. With addictive drum lines and staccato beats ("Deep In The Throes"; "Burn Rubber") that belong on a dance floor and no-frills rock jaunts that approach pop-dom on an enjoyable scale ("Heat Lightning"; "Stark Weather"), Icky Blossoms may still be zeroing in on what kind of music they want to make.
Icky Blossoms

Icky Blossoms

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