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Omaha, Nebraska's trio Icky Blossoms won't be escaping your memory anytime soon, from their brain-sticking moniker to the 90_s electronic fetish synth-pop they craft with gorgeous ease. Think of girls wearing your favorite leather jacket from back in the day, studded out, patched up, with red lipstick on (and probably smeared), stomping around to heavy dance beats in your combat boots--you're now part of the crowd at a standard Icky Blossom show. Guitarist and vocalist Derek Pressnall, vocalist Sarah Bohling and lead guitarist Nik Fackler let us in on some of what makes them tick--including their love for the score of Final Fantasy, a run-in with a missing phalange, and suggesting why watching the sunrise with them might not be such a bad idea. Keep an eye out for the release of their self titled album produced by TV On The Radio's Dave Sitek, set for release on July 17th on Saddle Creek.

Allow me to introduce myself, I'm___
Icky Blossoms

You can find me ____, usually posted up in___
Omaha, usually posted up in headphones, basements or clubs

You might've heard of me because___
The songs "Babes" and "Chicas"

But why you really should know me is___
Because I'm made for you.

If it wasn't for _______ I wouldn't be where I am today___
Raves and grunge in the 90's

The first piece of music I heard that I remember waking up my ears was___
Stravinsky's "Firebird"

The last piece of music I heard that woke up my ears was___
The K-Holes.

I hate to admit it, but I almost gave music up when____
My finger almost came off in the back of Shirley's Diner's kitchen.

But it all came together when�
The stitches stopped the blood.

If I was taking a train from Paris to Madrid, the one person I'd want to share the cabin with would be___
Terence McKenna. His voice is incredible and his myths are like fairy tales.

If you want to put a smile on my face, you probably want to___
Tickle my feet.

If you want to wipe that smile away, then you should___
Feed me poison.

The last time I saw the sun come up I was___
Having sex on my roof

The person I admire most is___
My inner child.

The last time I lied was because___
I don't lie.

If you hit shuffle on my iPod you might be shocked to find____
"Final Fantasy" score.

If you hit shuffle on my iPod I'd be embarrassed if it landed on___

When I get my next really big check, I'm gonna___
Get out of the debt I've racked up.

But it'll never replace___
That last great adventure I was on.

My one magic power is___
A secret

I'd like to give a quick shout-out to____
All our friends and fellow bands in Omaha, NE.

And lastly, If I was Lost In a Supermarket, you'd find me in the___
International section buying some sort of hot sauce.
Icky Blossoms

Icky Blossoms

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