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04/01/2008 | Alternative Press | | Feature
When singer/songwriter Laura Burhenn first met John Davis at one of Q And Not U's hometown shows at the Black Cat in Washington, D.C., in 2005, the band (for whom Davis played drums) had already decided to go their separate ways. Burhenn was familiar with Davis' work in the D.C. scene, and it turned out that he was looking to start a new project. "We just started talking, and then we decided we'd make music together," says Burhenn. "Well," she pauses to reconsider, laughing."We decided we'd get together and try to make music. It worked out really well."

What followed was a collaboration that used not only their own blend of jangly, catchy indie-pop, but their name as well, which Burhenn says represents an "amalgam of who we are and who we are influenced by personally, as well as songwriters." After releasing a single on their own Laboratory Records early last year, Georgie James signed with Saddle Creek for their September 2007 full-length, Places. The debut revealed the duo's penchant for sunny melodies, harmonizing vocals and finger-snapping choruses, no matter who was the chief songwriter. (Burhenn and Davis each contributed one-third of the album and worked on the last third together.) Regardless of whether Burhenn's airy vocals or Davis' lower register is driving the tracks, the duo hope their music resonates with audiences for years to come. "I always hope that when people hear our music, it's part of their experience now, rather than triggering old memories. Hopefully, years form now, they'll hear our songs and it will trigger some memory of what they were doing right now."

HQ: Washington, D.C.
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