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Author: Tobias Carroll
01/01/2008 | Death + Taxes | | Feature
"Best Stolen Name"

"What I think it was," says John Davis, "is that we were talking about what a great name Georgie Fame is," The "we" in this case refers to Davis and Laura Burhenn, who form the core of Georgie James. (And for the record: Georgie Fame is a British R&B singer who's worked with Bill Wyman and Van Morrison; and yes, Georgie Fame is a fine name, as is the full name of artist and backing band: Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames.) "We thought, Maybe we could be Georgie...something else? I had a biography of James Taylor on my bookshelf, and I thought, What about Georgie James?" This was how Davis and Burhenn's band acquired their name, though its source of inspiration has caused some tension while overseas.

"We were just in England," Davis recalls, "and we did a recording on the BBC. The DJ was asking us about the name; he was saying, 'It reminds me a bit of a Northern Soul kind of singer.' And I thought—if there's one place where I can't admit that the name is from Georgie Fame, it's on the BBC. You never know if Georgie Fame will be listening...I hope he wouldn't have a problem with us being named partially in tribute to him."


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