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Author: Bao Le-Huu
10/18/2007 | Orlando Weekly | | Live Show Preview
The male half of this new D.C. duo may have played drums for distinguished post-hardcore band Q and Not U, but Georgie James is more in the sparkling pop vicinity inhabited by Papas Fritas and Ivy. Their pristine and economical melodies are carried with the breeze of the '60s and the ease of the '70s. But the snappy vigor of their delivery makes the music more than mere wallpaper. In fact, their recently released debut album, Places, shows that they belong in the upper crust of today's indie pop class. Another noteworthy new D.C. band, opener Le Loup deals in complex experimental pop. Only the second album on Sub Pop's new spin-off label, Hardly Art, their debut is a curious release that flickers with rhythm, intricacy and interplay. Live, however, the seven- or eight-member band has garnered a reputation for being lively and physical. Together the two bands make for a quality bill of up-and-coming indie talent.

Wednesday, October 24 at 10 pm

Georgie James, Le Loup (indie)

Event Location
Taste Restaurant
717 W. Smith St.


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