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Author: Sutton
06/14/2003 | | | Album Review
First off, I'd like to say, no matter how Spanish the band name may sound, they arent Spanish. With that said, lets continue to the review.

Yes, Good ol' Desaparecidos, we've shared some good lawn mowing time together. Found this band through Saddle Creek Records (I swear they have some amazing bands there) and like all other Saddle Creek bands, this band instantly became one of my favorites.
But anyway, this is a lesser known band that is known for touring with Cursive, and rumors say they will be again very soon. They also are well known because its the side project of a fairly successful artist know as Conor Orbest, or better know as Bright Eyes. The vocals and music are both very well written and composed.
Once I listened to this, I instantly liked it, and listened to it for a long time afterwards. If you listen to the lyrics, you can easily tell that these guys aren't fans of the followers or rich people. The lyrics are really well written, showing some symbolism and at the same time being clear and direct.
Every song has its own sound to it. Like for example if you listen to Man and Wife, The Former, and it has a normal pace, its not fast by any means, but it certainly isn't slow. The right after it they bust out with the Manana, the heaviest song on the album. (It's pretty heavy, but don't expect and Curl Up and Die here.)
I think this album could have gotten a better rating if they included some on there unreleased songs, because those are awesome. Don't get me wrong though, all 9 songs on this CD are great, but its only 9.
I'm not quite sure what this music would be classified as... Rock maybe? (Music genres have formed into so many sub directories; does Rock even exist anymore?) Anyway, this is a definite buy album, great to listen to, and it never seems to get old.


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