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Read Music / Speak Spanish

Author: Kyle
08/31/2002 | | Album Review
Just by paging through the liner notes of Read Music/Speak Spanish you can tell it is not going to be your typical pop punk record.

The band name Desaparecidos itself which translates to "disappeared" in Spanish was taken in regards to all the random killings in Central America.

Desaparecidos is Bright Eyes creator Conor Oberst's new rock band and he has a lot to say.

Oberst screams angrily throughout the record about topics such as urban development, pollution and the every day struggle of a poor mid-western community. He is not exactly happy about the American landscape being replaced by Starbucks and cul-de-sacs. With lyrics like "I have been driving now for 100 blocks, saw 50 Kum and Gos, 60 parking lots. One more mouthful and they will be happy then," from the song "Greater Omaha" and "Send the National Guard to the Mall of America, so they can dress dead bodies up in tight designer jeans" from "Mall of America," the point is clear.

A wall of guitars, pounding drumbeats and noisy keyboards help back up all these frustrations, creating a disassembled pop rock sound. A few samples of television commercials are mixed in adequately to add to the displeasure.

If you are sick of love songs and want an "in your face" punk rock record with some different views on society do yourself a favor and pick this up.


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