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Read Music / Speak Spanish

Author: Ryan
2/11/2002 | | | Album Review
Does every single thing Conor Oberst touch turn to gold? Obviously. When listening to 'Read Music/Speak Spanish' you cant help but notice the amazing raw textures throughout the music which puts this album in a league of it's own. Songs such as '$$$$' and 'Mall Of America' are complete with fast food/informercial sound clips and song slowdowns [sounds like the cd is dying] respectively. Oberst's lyrics with Desaparecidos are much different than the heartbroken tales he told through Bright Eyes. With lines such as 'but I'm not one for hand-outs no they gotta pay their dues / they can make our shoes / then we'll walk on you', 'Read Music/Speak Spanish' goes [and succeeds in doing so] where many bands have gone [and failed] before. Stringy guitars. Mesmerizing keys. Pouding drums. Heartwrenching vocals. Screaming. Raw. Brilliant. We need more albums like this.


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