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Read Music / Speak Spanish

Author: Scott Harrell
01/01/2003 | Weekly Planet | | Album Review
Top 10 of 2002 list:

1. Desaparecidos, Read Music/Speak Spanish (Saddle Creek) Bright Eyes main man Connor Oberst and company's anguished full-band indictment of the American dream was among the first discs to hit my desk in January. And in the ensuing 12 months (during which I witnessed an amazingly rowdy but decidedly unmusical set by the group at Orpheum), rarely did anything else even come close to matching its impact. For me, this is everything that rock 'n' roll should be -- dynamic, passionate, resonant, inventive, catchy, ballsy and cathartic. With its mangled guitars, car-crash rhythms and Oberst's edge-of-breakdown vocals struggling to get his point across amid the fray, Read Music/Speak Spanish offers a singularly compelling and often overwhelmingly visceral experience that stays with you long after the last track fades


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