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Author: Deadend Jordan
09/01/2002 | | | Album Review
Holy shit, this band took me by surprise as I am late and never have been a huge Bright Eyes (the singers other band) fan. It's really good and the artwork is amazing. I think the lyrics really grabbed me as Conor Oberst (singer/songwriter) is about my age, and sings about things I can really relate to at this time in my life. No, I'm not talking about love songs jackass. He sings about growing up, society, money, buying a house, starting a family and shit like that. Real life subjects. Not stupid highschool love tragedies. (Fuck I sound bitter). Anyway, it's really good stuff. The lyrics will either make you feel really depressed or make you really think about what you're doing with your life. Not many bands do the think type lyrics these days, but as far as lyrics making you depressed, go check out a Puddle Of Mudd song. That garbage is depressing. As far as the music goes, it's definitely on the pop-punk/indie-rock side of the sound spectrum. But very original. Yes, there's keyboards in the songs but it's really background kind of keyboards and they're done tastefully. The way a keyboard should be played unless you're The Locust, The Red Light Sting or early Hot Hot Heat. If you're a Bright Eyes fan, or if you like good pop punk or indie rock (The Starting Line, Midtown, and New Found Glory are not good indie rock bands so if you like that shit, kill yourself) go support these guys. After all, you're seeing a legend in the making as Conor Oberst is being compared to Bob Dylan. This EP is a fucking classic and I can't wait for another release. Look for them on tour with Jimmy Eat World.


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