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Read Music / Speak Spanish

Author: Didier
2/11/2002 | Matamore | | Album Review
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The future will determine the perenniality of this new project of Conor Oberst. Desaparecidos out of political counterweight and indie noisy rock'n'roll, of Bright Eyes intimate, relational and folk more than certainly. In any case, it is necessary to judge ' Read Music Speak Spanish with the weight of a real solid group.

A formation which already survived a crisis, that of the departure of the bass player Landon Hedges (in addition member of The Good Life) and his replacement by Casey Scott (Now It' S Overhead, Azure Ray), and is on the point of beating the roads of the USA this summer in first started from Jimmy Eat World.

' Read Music/Speak Spanish ', produces once more by Mike Mogis and recorded in one week, is a disc very noisy, indie, emo, melody, spontaneous, energetic and explosive. A little as on the ' Novena one has Nocturn' de The Good Life one finds some small signs of a groove near to that of Smiths, but essence here finds its source and its similarities within the music of groups like Dinosaur Jr, Mineral, At The Drive In, U2, The Pixies, Weezer, even if Desapareicidos sound always modern and ever dated. The guitars are noisy, resounding, the direct melodies and the song remains that typical of Conor Oberst: emo, sincere and more boosted than ever.

' Read Music/Speak Spanish' speaks about the urban development of new allotments, the American materialism, the loss and the sacrifice of human and Community values, caused by endoctrinement the quasi collective one which pushes to return completely in the uniform economic company to build its life there and all that follows (housing, car and job, inter-conditioned and inevitable concessions in which they lime us).

It is of a relatively short album that it acts, ten beaches, trente-cinq minutes. No slower experiments or pieces, just a concern of the emotion, explosion, lyrics, of their effectiveness.

'What's new for fall' begins the debates, already present on the original ep of the group (see review), the piece remains effective even if it has anything original nor nothing traditional. ' Man and Wife, the to form (financial plaaning) ' speaks about the sacrifices of a couple to try to belong to the American middle class, to have ' compact bus full of discount tags' has and to buy ' that house next to the park' with blows of stress and overtime a life lasting simply for ' growing up just like our parents did before custom '. To some extent, Desaparecidos are here a version harder, noisy and policy of Bright Eyes; the denunciation of a state of the things already clearly obvious for everyone. There is not the search for against proposals, of dreamed same alternatives, it is rather the lament of condemned.

' Manana' is the explosive flashpoint noisy, anthem of bravery to make pitch the public in the concerts, with lyrics one cannot more naive.

' Greater Omaha' already more consequent, is moderated and differentiated, undoubtedly, because more personal for a group which speaks about the expansion of its city and returns in the criteria of a brilliant piece punk-rock'n'roll. An energetic beach which does not forget breathings and does not cease being vivifying.

Personnel, the word is launched. Conor mixes relations and policy on ' Mand and wife, the to lath (damaged goods) ', kind of black assessment a few years later, of the preceding song, with the similar name. Always scathing attack, the piece does not forget here to have a heart with its painful words: ' I' m growing out of my to hair like it was when I was single. It was to skirt than I' D known you. I had No money then. I had No worries than At all. With such has high standard of living room I drank just feel like I amndt dying. I would start year argument drank you edge barely even talk... '. The piece returns on a side and is not ready to leave there, because always personnalisable partly, the kind of things which marks and makes a disc a little more unforgettable.

Desparecidos then deliver another ultra-energetics compositions, quickly consumable and ' enjoyable': ' Mall of America ', to consume on the spot, .fond volume, because after it will be too late there to return. With this heat, the ice melts quickly.

Then pass by again the everlasting titular beach of the ep inaugurator (see review), impeccable ' the the happiest place one earth '. With the sinuous race ' Survival of the fittest/It' S jungle out there ', Desparecidos hold a phenomenon of concerts.

'$$$$' has paces of crossing between Boys Life and Dinosaur Jr, between emo structured and complex and electric arc direct punk-rock'n'roll. Desaparecidos gain a little consistency thus and flesh, less easily digestible, the piece is digested more slowly on the stomach, passes by the brain and marks the spirit. It would be the dream to see them continuing in this spirit there.

The disc finishes with its only really weak composition, ' hole in one '.

This first album of Desparacidos, ' read music/speak spanish' does not have the weight nor the density of an album of Bright Eyes. But they should be given from the good point of view, it is the first recordings of a rather new group. To listen to this beginning, it is like seizing a bunch of fruits not yet completely ripe. Some at point which one keeps in mouth and others too small or too sure that one recrache quickly. It will be necessary to leave time to the group to find its way, via its concerts and through the months of repeated and writing, in the final analysis to give, if that is still justified, a second longer, released and dense album.


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