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Read Music / Speak Spanish

Author: dave gibbons
06/11/2002 | In the Fall Online Zine | | Album Review
Bright Eyes' side project Desparecidos turning up the knob to create same founding lyrics with distorted guitar. Mitchum brings in clever songs relating from Mall of America to drowing hearts and carrying out strong lyrics that tear through any audience. Read Music/Speak Spanish is definitly a record that will rise up in indie music, every track placed on the needle is a for sure masterpiece. Nominating Mitchum's lyrical pull as well as members all around sound,  patches
up every last crack or nitch making this record soundproof. Clips and hooks from who knows what address each song with a soothing edge, introducing the record to more and more astonishment. As another amazing put together record by the Bright Eyes crew, Desparecidos unleash every piece of work they have coming at full with great sounds and clever lyrics.


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