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2/11/2002 | Unknown | Album Review
Coner Oberst does it again. The main man from Bright Eyes goes punk rock in full-on guitar-onslaught shocker. Recently, it seems like all the really good albums are around the half hour mark and this is no exception. As is usually the case with Monsieur Oberst, the key word here is catharsis. In spades. Coner's tremulous voice always sounds on the verge of collapse and this is to his strength as it gives the music an authentic angst-ridden sheen. Almost every track on this record could be a single, such is the catchy nature of it all. Track 3 "Greater Omaha" emerges as the frontrunner. It's perfect for jumping around the room to and letting aht all ya niggles and irritations whilst primal screaming. The best thing of all is that this album represents only the tip of the iceberg with regard to Oberst's considerable talent. There is plenty more to come.


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