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Read Music / Speak Spanish

2/11/2002 | Drowned in Sound | | Album Review
Forget Bright Eyes. Ignore the beautifully chilled out ramblings Conor Oberst is best known for. Desaparecidos are a rock band and this is a rock record, pure and simple. In fact this is one hell of a mind-blowing, balls to the wall, loud mother of a rock record. Imagine if Rivers Cuomo ever made the heavy metal inspired album he wanted to. 'Read Music/Speak Spanish' is Pinkerton for a generation who grew up on J Mascis and all his slacker sensibilities instead of dreary seventies pop rock like Cheap Trick. Had the Pixies come from middle America rather than on the politically pretentious east coast they would have made this album at one point.

All the raw tenderness that Oberst is renowned for is present, but this time it's been wrapped up in a rambunctious layer of diy punk rock ethics with a side helping of fuzzbox distortion. And it sounds bloody brilliant. So bugger all your pretences that seem to crop up in today's rock n roll, ditch your retro shirts and skinny ties and buy this record or else be forgotten in the midst of another dying trend.


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