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Author: Eric
03/01/2002 | | | Album Review

I want Desaparecidos to get on the radio. I want them to take over the world and destroy. I'll help too. I'll wear a sandwich board around my neck. Saddle Creek can rent my back for ad space like boxers are doing. I never kept up with Conor Oberst or Bright Eyes who sings for Desaparecidos. I'm sure there is some secret society or scene around this guy that even he is not aware of. Whatever. This is so great. Very heavily Pixies influenced and thats just fine by me. Drummer Matt Baum just pounds the shit out of his instrument. Similiar to the drum sound on Pixies-Bone Machine. Track 3, "Greater Omaha" has Pixies "U-Mass" appeal. Every song on this cd rocks. Desaparecidos is already on my list for records of the year. Why can't there be more music like this? I'm gonna start a Desapareicdos scene right now for only trruuueeee Desapareicidos fans. You just have to buy the record and your in.

** I'm pretty sure Desaparecidos translates into "disappeared people."


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