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Read Music / Speak Spanish

Author: Jason Kucsma
04/01/2002 | Clamor Magazine | Album Review
This new project from Saddle Creek features Bright Eyes' Conor Oberst and friends in a setting that will be somewhat new to the thousands of people who have been captivated by Bright Eyes in the last couple of years. Desaparecidos is a rock and roll reflection on life, progress and success in the vacuum of Omaha, Nebraska, USA. The energy and momentum of the songs almost disguise the fact that these songs are about some of the most debilitating elements of american culture. Songs about rampant development for development's sake, middle-age regret and resentment, and commercial-driven nationalism have the potential to come off as whiny or incomplete critiques. However, Desaparecidos manage to explore these issues from a first person perspective that is as sincere as it is frustrated and impassioned as it is disaffected. I hesitate to mention that this CD didn't blow me away as much as I hoped it would have, but each additional listen to "Read Music, Speak Spanish" find me a little more engaged and liking what I hear even more. You should try it on for yourself.


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