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The Ugly Organ

Author: Josh Davis
01/23/2003 | Tablet | Live Show Preview
If you aren't familiar with Cursive, the best way to describe them is that they have evolved from emo, inspired by the depths of angst, anguish and self-aware-ness. And though most indie rock emo bands find their inspiration in angst, anguish, and youthful self awareness, Cursive is unique to themselves. They can't be pigeonholed as an emo band because there is much more there. Sure there are strained vocals, but singer/songwriter Tim Kasher introduces a brooding yet philosophical perspective into the lyrics; there is also a subtly and sometimes a not so subtle complexity in the guitar progression and techniques, crunching bass lines and off time drumming that isn't found in your run of the mill emo bands. If you have heard of Cursive then I'd imagine you won't need any cajoling to see their show.
The Ugly Organ

The Ugly Organ

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