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The Ugly Organ

01/12/2004 | | | Album Review
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The Ugly Organ
Saddle Creek
Receiving the "Creative Writing Award"

"Cursive's follow up to Domestica finds Tim Kasher in a strange place. Post-divorce he has begun to see other women and he definitely has something to say about it in his music. He also adds the theme of songwriting and its inherent difficulties. Mix angular guitar rhythms and an organ and you've got one big double entendre for sex and songwriting. And it works!"

"Ugly Organ was a harsh affair spiraling down a dirty path into the depths of Tim Kasher's twisted subconscious. I'm not sure anyone but Cursive could write an entire concept album based on a sexual euphemism. Let's be honest here: nobody else but Lil' Kim has even dared to write an album dedicated to the male sex organ and its various uses. The down side is that as they get more and more popular, Cursive is sure to inspire a legion of sound-alikes who wallow in overbearing self-pity and who can't see that's not the reason the band is so fucking good. It's called 'talent,' get with it people."

The Ugly Organ

The Ugly Organ

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