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The Ugly Organ

4/8/2003 | Drowned in Sound | Album Review
The Ugly Organ
by Cursive on Saddle Creek
Release date: 11th March 2003
Down in ol' Omaha, Nebraska there's a little multi coloured barn where all the indie rock boys go and turn into world weary, dust biting, heart breaking, rock superstars. With a stamped licence from the DIY federation and a free basketball t-shirt. Conor Oberst is president and Cursive are the hot new members who are racking a year's worth of free glucose shakes.

The truck drivers know not to disturb these Saddle Creek infested yokels, they've got a concept album to write. Yeah that's right. A concept album. Just like Genesis and 'The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway'. This time those cheeky bedraggled monsters are plying the worth of the Husker Du involved, Desaparecidos burning soundscapes, leaning far enough to those good old eMo values and baggy trousered punk baiting morals to keep the little tykes interested.

'Keep churning out those hits, 'til it's all the same old shit.'

The rain ain't falling far from the cello and 'The Ugly Organ' does everything it says on the tin. The time is set for more lane dredging, hedgehogging US indie rock concept-ness. Discoverů
4/5 - Peter White
The Ugly Organ

The Ugly Organ

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