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The Ugly Organ

03/04/2003 | KERRANG | Album Review
Trend-bucking indie from across the pond.

If 'CONCEPT album' remains a pejorative term then it would appear that no-one has told Cursive main man Tim Kasher. Consequently, he and his cohorts consistently produce a brand of evocative lo-fi that habitually garners both underground kudos and critical acclaim.
The good news for converts and newcomers alike is that 'The Ugly Organ' is arguably their most impressive, ambitious offering to date. Rather than a direct follow up to their previous 'Domestica' opus, which was inspired by the dissolution of Kashers marriage, 'Organ' adopts a more philosophical esoteric perspective. The end result charts hitherto unexplored progressions in both their trademark storytelling and sound. One for those who like their post-punk erudite and eclectic.

Alistair Lawrence 4/5
The Ugly Organ

The Ugly Organ

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