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The Ugly Organ

03/04/2003 | Q | Album Review
Omaha's emo/hardcore wing take flight.

Testament to both the diversity and community spirit of the vibrant Omaha scene. Cursive fourth album boasts The Faint and Bright Eyes on backing vocals or near-operatic chorales more like with creepy cellos, church organs and stumbling rhythms matching the scale and ambition. Despite only main man Tim Kasher seemingly understanding the album's diffuse 'concept'. There's a gonzo immediacy at work here, exemplified by Kasher's idea of a hook being "bloody murder" screamed at top volume. Splendid, splenetic stuff, but eclipsed by closer 'Staying Alive' where almost everyone in Omaha coos that "the worst is over" and make it sound like a threat.

Toby Manning
The Ugly Organ

The Ugly Organ

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