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The Ugly Organ

04/01/2003 | Sentamentalist | | Album Review
The masterful songwriting skills of Tim Kasher and co. never cease to amaze me as I listen to Cursive's latest release, over and over again. Armed with an abundance of emotional subtelty and grandeur, contrasting loud/soft avant rhythms, rich cello refrains. Kasher's smoky voice and honestly inventive and pure (not faux confessional, thank God) lyrics, texture and stark eloquence, The Ugly Organ is an awe-inspiring nouveau punk opus. This CD is not art for art's sake--it's a testament to a world gone mad and an artist straining to make sense of the wreckage. the currently uber-hip all star city of Omaha is certainly lucky to have a band such as this.
The Ugly Organ

The Ugly Organ

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