The Ugly Organ

04/08/2003 | Law of Inertia | | Album Review
Cursive have finally done it. They've finally taken a small band from some blackhole like Omaha, NE, nad turned it into one of the most original and dynamic indie rock outfits in the country. If their first record was overly reminiscent of Archers of Loaf, and their most recent EP, Burst and Bloon, reminded us of Jawbox, then this is certainly Cursive's first record that stands on its own as having created a unique and cohesive sound. Luckily for Tim Kasher and company, the rest of the America indie rock world has noticed and Cursive's exploratory journey has been well documented at this point. On the album's first song, the dynamic :some red handed slight of hand," kasher sings, "so why do you think I'm any different/ I've been making money off my indifference," as if that does not betray his feelings on his new found success, he croons "my ego's like my stomach/ it keeps shitting what I feed it." Well Tim, if abrasive, catchy, and dynamic punk rock like is any indication, your stomach has a lot to digest these days. Good Job!
Ross Siegel
The Ugly Organ

The Ugly Organ

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